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Learn Italian - Word Trivia Game

4.2 ( 7312 ratings )
여행 게임 퀴즈 단어
개발자: Wesley Thurner
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Now its time to test your skills in the Octagon! "Italian Word Trivia Game" tests your proficiency in Italian vocabulary, numbers, and phrases. Use this fun game to strengthen your fluency of the Italian language, or use it to climb to the top of the leaderboards and claim all the glory!

- Easy: For Beginners
- Medium: For the semi-ambishish
- Hard: For the semi-fluent Italian speakers
- Elite: For the fluent Italian speakers ready to claim all the glory!

- Guess the Word: Translate the Italian Word and choose the correct English translation.
- Guess the Number: Translate the number written in Italian, and choose the correct English Translation.
- Guess the Phrase: Test your skills by translating the English phrase and choosing the correct Italian translation.